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Assistant Principal

Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.

Chaos Manager

Dispensing Band-aids, ice packs, and love!

Administrative Assistant

Entering purchase orders for hedgehog leashes...just another day at a Montessori school.

Lower Elementary

Kindergarten through third grade teachers

Lower Elementary Teacher

Peace begins with a smile.

Lower Elementary Teacher

A lifelong love of learning starts here.

Lower Elementary Teacher

Lighting the flame of intellectual curiosity

Kindergarten Teacher

Learning from children, our best teachers!

Lower Elementary Teacher

Nobody else can live the life you live.

Lower Elementary Teacher

I firmly believe in the potential of every child.

Lower Elementary Teacher

So much fun learning to be had!

Upper Elementary

Fourth through sixth grade teachers

Upper Elementary Teacher

Simply a facilitator of creative growth.

Upper Elementary Teacher

Make mistakes? Great! Now make MORE.

Upper Elementary Teacher

"Mom. Mom!...I mean, Ms. Alisha..."

Upper Elementary Teacher

I'm an awakener, not a teacher.

Upper Elementary Teacher

Life is better with children around!

Middle School

Seventh through ninth grade teachers

Science Teacher

The world is here to explore.

History, Government, A.P. Human Geography Teacher

My hair changes color every day!

Mathematics Teacher

Learning is the product of dedication.

English Teacher

Words are the most valuable asset in our arsenal.

P.E./Health Teacher

Get out and move for a healthy lifestyle.

Cte & Financial Literacy Teacher

Common sense is a life skill!

Support Staff

Special Education Director

One's never alone with a rubber duck.

Special Education Teacher

Just trying to make it make sense.

Special Education Teacher

Happiness is color, kids, and creativity.

Library Media Specialist

Hi, I'm Ms. Melissa! Come see me for great books!


Food and family is my life!

Special Education Teacher

Kids keep you young at heart.

Instructional Coach

Life's too big for six words!

School Counselor

Failure is not fatal; it's the courage to continue that counts.