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Who we are

And why we love what we do!

Mountain West Montessori Academy (MWMA) serves students in kindergarten through ninth grade and is a tuition-free public charter school. Located in South Jordan, MWMA may enroll students regardless of enrollment boundaries and will serve students of all income levels, cultural backgrounds, and academic abilities.

Mountain West Montessori Academy will provide student-centered, individualized education, based on Montessori research-based best practices. The school will be based on the Montessori philosophy of education, which is well established worldwide. The educational program will focus on interdisciplinary connections and hands-on learning experiences.

Classrooms will be mixed-age and include a lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school. MWMA will nurture students’ natural intellectual curiosity by allowing them choices that fit their learning style, interests, and readiness. Additionally, MWMA plans to address the social and emotional needs of each student through a safe and comfortable environment and development of a culture of respect and peaceful interaction in the school community.


Founded upon Montessori philosophy, the mission of Mountain West Montessori Academy is to facilitate student-centered learning and intellectual curiosity through an individualized and interdisciplinary curriculum, hands-on experience, and community involvement.

School Charter

Mountain West Montessori Academy was authorized by the Utah State Charter School Board and the Utah State Board of Education in February 2013. The Charter Application describes the program of instruction, school goals, and academic offerings.

Charter Application (pdf)
Charter Agreement (pdf)

Please note, the policies and bylaws contained in MWMA’s original charter application are subject to change by the governing board. To view the school’s current policies, please go to the Policies & Guidelines page.