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What are Montessori Materials?

What are Montessori Materials?

May 12, 2021 Angie Johnson

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Montessori Materials Play a Key Role in Montessori Education

At the Mountain West Montessori Academy, learning doesn't end when you leave the classroom. As part of our student-centered, individualized approach to education, we encourage supportive Montessori materials for use at home to help supplement and enhance student learning.

The main goal of Montessori materials is to offer a fun and interactive approach to further your child's Montessori education. These tools help develop independent learning while also allowing students to grow on their own terms and at their own pace.

Learning While Playing

Toys like constructive triangles encourage creativity while helping children learn about shapes as they guide their own play. For slightly older kids, geometric solids are effective building tools that offer familiarity with 3D objects through tangible use.
Meanwhile, the moveable alphabet nurtures a passion for language, spelling, and writing by allowing your child to use small alphabet tiles to construct sounds, words, and even sentences.

The pink tower is an iconic Montessori material. The pink tower is a collection of stacking blocks that allow children to work with coordination and visual discrimination. It also prepares students for math skills.

Montessori Tools Encourage Exploration

Because children have an innate desire to learn and explore the world around them, Montessori materials simply provide the tools needed for that exploration. Each of these toys presents the keys for students to unlock their own creativity rather than providing a specific, limiting mode of play. It is the kids themselves who can chart a path to continuing their Montessori education.

It's no wonder that Montessori materials can help breed independence. These items can also be used when learning from home, creating a do-it-yourself mode of play that not only keeps your child engaged with their Montessori education but also facilitates continued learning that adapts to remote or socially distant environments.

Choose Us for Montessori Education

Montessori materials support what is at the heart of our philosophy: that students can learn and explore their world through play and hands-on experiences. If you are interested in what a Montessori education can do for your child, contact Mountain West Montessori Academy today to get started.