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Montessori education

Why is Montessori Education Important?

Aug 12, 2021 Angie Johnson

Montessori Education: Why Does it Matter?

We love our children and want the best for them: the best food, healthcare, and education. If you want your children to receive a significant head start in life, a Montessori education might be your best option.

Montessori education begins with fundamental concepts. One basic principle is that children must be respected for who they are and where they are in life. Teachers and others show respect for the child by giving them the personal freedom to make choices and not interrupting the child who is concentrating on a task. Learning to respect oneself and others is critical for a happy and productive adulthood.

Children are Continually Learning

Montessori-based facilities like Mountain West Montessori Academy believe children are constantly absorbing information. Although learning continually occurs, they also believe in specific periods when children are more ready to learn particular skills. Understanding when a child can learn a skill is an integral part of the successful educational process.

Because the quality of learning can depend on the teachers and the environment, researching and choosing the best qualified Montessori teachers is a significant part of the process. At the Mountain West Montessori Academy, we take pride in employing the highest caliber educators.

Appropriate Learning Environment

Another important part of the learning process is arranging an appropriate learning environment. Materials and equipment should be easy for the child to access when ready. When the appropriate environment and guidance are present, the child will educate themselves. Children are in a class with other children who are not their age, and they learn how to cooperate with others. This exposure often leads to an increase in social interaction skills.

Learning to respect themselves and others as a child encourages healthy adult behavior. A Montessori education often produces self-motivated adults. These children grow into adults who trust themselves and their decision-making abilities. Respect, trust, and confidence lead to adults who have valued family and community members.

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