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What are the 5 Montessori Methods?

What are the 5 Montessori Methods?

May 11, 2021 Angie Johnson

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Montessori education was designed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.

At Mountain West Montessori Academy, we follow the child-centered approach to learning that Montessori education promotes. But what is the Montessori method? And how will it benefit your child?
Montessori education focuses on five main areas of learning: sensorial life, practical life, mathematics, language, and culture. Through student-centered, individualized education, the Montessori method encourages intellectual curiosity and self-driven learning.

Sensorial Life

The first area of Montessori education focuses on exploring all elements of sensory experiences. By actively engaging with their environment from a young age, children learn to be curious about their surroundings and categorize their world. At Mountain West Montessori Academy, we use this area throughout each child's education, employing student-created materials and other manipulatives that lay the groundwork for personalized problem-solving.

Practical Life

Much like sensorial life, the practical life sector promotes engagement with a child's environment as they learn practical living skills. This area of the Montessori method reinforces the principles of order, independence, and physical coordination, so students become confident in skills such as cooking and cleaning for success in everyday life.


The Montessori method understands that math starts with concrete ideas before moving towards abstract concepts. From the simple counting of objects through the complex understanding of division and fractions, Montessori mathematics evolves at an individualized pace, so students learn as they grow.


The development of language is easiest when children are young. By exposing students to native and foreign languages from the very start of their education experience, the Montessori method promotes natural language learning and acquisition through reading, listening, speaking, and student-driven thinking.


Montessori education advocates for a diverse range of concepts and ideas through culture, which encompasses everything from geography to art history to promote curiosity about the world. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests within a structured environment, letting them maintain excitement about learning.

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