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Why is Reading Important in Education?

Why is Reading Important in Education?

May 03, 2022 Angie Johnson

The gift of reading can be a joy. Mountain West Montessori Academy believes that readers are learners and incorporate age-appropriate reading and language skills into our program. The importance of reading in education cannot be overstated. In a "technological age," when children watch videos to learn, reading still has a firm place in your child's development.

Building a habit of reading begins in the home, with parents reading to small children. Then, when the child starts their Montessori education, reading happens in the classroom. Many research studies have demonstrated that consistent reading in early childhood is correlated with better school performance in high school and college.

Reading in education advances specific language skills that cannot be taught through video or even classroom instruction. Reading promotes literacy and encourages the child's cognitive development. As part of Montessori education, children are encouraged to read and use their imaginations. The more your child reads, the greater their command of language will be, and the more their critical thinking skills are honed.

Early childhood reading has a direct educational impact. It's also shown to help build a bond between parents and children and is a nice way to cuddle your child. Identifying the words on the page helps transition their communication from verbal to written.

Encourage Your Child's Love of Reading

Here are four ways that you, as a parent, can boost your child's love of reading and reinforce the skills they're learning in their Montessori education:
Make reading a daily habit. Have a bedtime story or a designated "reading time" during the day.

Discuss the story after you've read it. Ask your child age-appropriate questions about the characters or setting.
Let the child choose the book. Not only will this foster independence, but it also encourages them to read more on their own in the future.
Limit screen time. Animated entertainment may keep your child entertained, but limiting screen time encourages them to opt for a book, instead.


At Mountain West Montessori Academy, we value the importance of early childhood reading. We know that reading enhances your child's cognitive development and may help them achieve greater success in school and their career.