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Why is Citizenship Important in Education?

Why is Citizenship Important in Education?

Apr 28, 2022 Angie Johnson

Citizenship is an essential part of living in society. It makes it necessary for any classroom to aim for a comprehensive curriculum. Students that learn about citizenship early in life develop a stronger connection to working with the community and creating a better life for all. When using the Montessori education technique, we teach the concept of citizenship and community early.

What is Citizenship, and Why Does it Matter?

Citizenship refers to the state of belonging to the people of a specific country. The concept of citizenship helps develop a robust moral code in students because it introduces them to shared responsibility for having a safe and supportive society.
When students learn about citizenship in the Mountain West Montessori Academy, they develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make the best decisions for themselves and their community.

Global Application

Montessori education students are citizens of the world; we also teach them about the worldwide community. Our choices and actions can affect us locally and internationally. When students understand this from an early age, they can make the right decisions.
It also allows students to appreciate diversity in background and culture because they establish common ground with people from other groups, regions, and societies. We aim to teach students values such as acceptance and openness with Montessori education. Citizenship education helps us reach this goal.

Great Themes Covered in Citizenship Education

Students who have covered citizenship will understand the difference between being citizens and practicing true citizenship. Thus, they'll learn about different themes in practicing citizenship, including honesty, courage, compassion, responsibility, and respect.
By practicing these ideals, Mountain West Montessori Academy students can contribute to their community in many meaningful ways.

Should My Child Learn Citizenship?

Citizenship education influences students in a way that inspires them to take positive action for themselves and the rest of the community. Every student with an opportunity to learn citizenship should take it. It molds their minds positively and deepens their sense of belonging to the greater community.