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How A Montessori Education Sparks Imagination

How A Montessori Education Sparks Imagination

Nov 24, 2021 Angie Johnson

How Montessori Education Sparks Imagination

One of the common misconceptions about Montessori education is that we discourage imaginative play—quite the contrary. We encourage children to engage their imaginations and creativity.

Spark Imagination

Mountain West Montessori Academy uses open-ended activities as a way to spark imagination and creativity. Imagination sparks creative thinking which leads to innovation and problem solving ability in years to come.

We know children have a natural drive to learn. Giving children tools and opportunities to create, build, and innovate is what makes the difference in their lives.

Especially in a digitally driven world it’s even more important to make sure your kids learn how to entertain themselves and interact beyond the screen. Montessori education strives to do just that.

This exercising of a child's imagination and creativity has been proven to have benefits beyond the classroom as well.

Mountain West Montessori Academy

Sparking a child's imagination involves more than what a child plays. It also involves how a child plays. Our classrooms are mixed-aged giving the children the opportunity to interact with those younger and older than them.

By interacting with kids of all different ages and by engaging in different activities children are better able to think outside of the box. We have seen many children that are not able to engage in conversation, interact with others, or think creatively because of the great amount of screen time they engage in each day. We want to be the opportunity children have to put away the phone, tablet and computer and play!

The ability to create and visualize possibilities is what a Monsteorri eduction strives to do for our students. Remember to always encourage imagination, ask questions, point out possibilities, and continually foster imagination.

The Mountain West Montessori Academy offers a traditional Montessori curriculum, individualized to spark imagination and creativity.