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The Fundamentals of Montessori Learning

Oct 12, 2021 Angie Johnson

Since its beginning in the early 1990s, the Montessori Method of teaching and learning has recorded a long history of success. The Italian physician, DR Maria Montessori, based this exceptional educational instruction on fundamentals such as multi-age groupings and child-directed work to nurture an all-around — physically, mentally, intellectually, and socially developed student.
The Montessori Method of Learning is based on five fundamentals:

  1. Mixed Age Groupings
    For the Montessori learning program in schools such as Mountain West Montessori Academy, the teachers divide students into mixed-age groupings. This allows them to create a community of learners necessary for diverse social interaction and peer learning.

  2. Individualized Instruction
    Montessori Learning allows individualized learning styles for students to develop at their pace. Unlike systems based on competition, the Montessori Method will enable instructors to introduce learning materials at a sequential and developmental pace for children to work at their capacity or ability level.

  3. Child Directed Program
    Teachers encourage students to teach themselves. Montessori Learning Center has learning materials and support that natures independent and self-motivated learners. The curriculum structure allows students to decide independently and follow their interests.

  4. Designed Environment
    The school environment and classroom comprise of specially designed Montessori materials for hands-on learning. Their classroom remains a child-friendly environment — appropriate space, low shelves, and right-sized tables. The study materials provide a concrete experience for sequential and self-correcting learning.

  5. Specialized Staff
    Unlike in the traditional education system, Montessori Method facilitators understand the teacher's role in allowing students to develop naturally. Experienced Montessori teachers at Mountain West Montessori Academy remain well-versed with the Montessori materials.

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Regardless of the Montessori program level, DR Maria Montessori's dream to develop a whole learner is already a reality in different Montessori Learning centers, such as the Mountain West Montessori Academy. Take your child to experience Montessori Learning in a curriculum that integrates knowledge, skills, and interrelated concepts.
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