We are thrilled you have decided to attend Mountain West Montessori Academy!

Once your student has been accepted to MWMA through the random lottery process, you will be sent an acceptance email.  The next step is to register your student.  By registering you are committing your student to attend MWMA for the school year.  You are also authorizing us to contact your current school for transfer of records.

Registration utilizes an electronic form.  After you are accepted, your email will contain a link to this form.  Please print off a copy of your completed Registration Form and mail it to MWMA along with the other requested documentation.  Registration forms are due by the date provided in your acceptance email.


Middle School Class Requests

We are now accepting schedule requests for next year’s 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.  Students may obtain a copy in the front office or print one off here.  Requests are due by May 22.

7th GRADE schedule request

8th GRADE schedule request

9th GRADE schedule request


Registration Notices

Fees Notice (Grades K-6)

Fees Notice (Grades 7-12)

Fee Waiver Application (Grades K-6)

K-6 Spanish

Fee Waiver Application (Grades 7-12)

7-12 Spanish

Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form

Notice to Parents Regarding Unenrollment

Student Transfer Notice Form

Online Education Options