Imagine Learning:  Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade have access to our adaptive language learning program, Imagine Learning. This is a fun option for independent work at home, and the program adapts to the learning level of each student. When you first use the program at home you may need to enter our school site code, which is 01405979. Contact your child’s teacher if they can’t remember their login information!

Think Through Math:  Students in 3rd through 6th grade should be passing two TTM lessons per week throughout the school year. [Don’t help your student on pre- or post-tests or the program will bump them up to topics that are too challenging!] There are two different “help” buttons available in the lessons, they can call a teacher within the program, and they should be using a notebook to write out their mathematical thinking. Research shows that when students have independently passed 30 TTM lessons, they have become proficient in a year’s worth of math curriculum.

Keyboarding Online:  Students in 3rd grade through 6th grade can login to Keyboarding Online and practice their keyboarding skills. If they choose to practice at home, please make sure that they are using the correct fingers!

Utah Compose:  Students can work on their writing projects from home and submit them for scoring in Utah Compose.

Accelerated Reader:  Take quizzes on thousands of books that students have read to test their comprehension. When your student reads a book for fun, they can login and take the quiz!


Learning Ally: Students at all grade levels who have been specially certified can use Learning Ally, a reading assistance program that allows students to listen to almost any book of their choice as they follow along with the text. This helps students access text that is on their interest level even if above their current reading level, and helps to expand student vocabulary. Please ask your child’s teacher if you think this resource might benefit your student.