Yearbooks –Order NOW!

The MWMA Yearbook Committee has been hard at working creating another amazing memory of MWMA.  You can buy yearbooks online now, order yours today!

Hardcover $25.00
Softcover $16.50


Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is May 1st -5th.    Our classrooms are highly ranked by both the AdvancED Accreditation Team and our parent survey.  Show our teachers how much you appreciate them by signing up to support our teacher appreciation committee.


Shakespeare Club Performance–Student Club

The Shakespeare Club this year has done an amazing job of studying plays, creating and hosting an Elizabethan Feast, and creating their modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  You can see their performance on Friday or Saturday, May 4th and 5th.  The play starts at 7:30 pm and tickets are $5.00 per person or $20.00 per family.    You can buy tickets in the front office.  All proceeds will go to helping with the costs of the performance and allowing the Shakespeare Club to travel to the Utah Shakespearian Festival this summer.


Middle School Class Requests–Due Now!

Students will soon be coming home with class request forms for the 2017-2018 school year.  We are excited to be offering some great new classes like Debate, Robotics Programing, Archery, Lit and Film, AP Human Biology, as well as options for online learning and opportunities for 9th graders to get ahead on high school credits!  Class request forms are due ASAP!


What Comes Next? –For 3rd graders moving to upper elementary & Kindergarteners moving to lower elementary

We are excited to be offering a new parent night to help students transition into upper and lower elementary.  Join us with your student to get a glimpse of the classrooms, meet the teachers, and find out what you can do this summer to prepare your student for his or her growth and development next year in a new classroom!  Thursday, May 4th, from 6-7:00 pm for new lower elementary students and 7-8:00 pm for new upper elementary students.

(If your student is new to our school in any elementary grade, please also feel free to attend.)



Middle School CAMP –Mark your calendar for Next Year!

We are thrilled to be bringing back one of our favorite MWMA traditions!  The Middle School CAMP program is an opportunity for authentic learning, leadership, and community building.  It will take place September 6th-8th, and we will be returning to the cabins at Camp Rodger.

Sage Assessments   –Upcoming FYI

We are coming up on the end-of-year assessments.  Reading, Math and Science will begin the first week in May for students in grades 3-9 (3rd graders do not take the science test).  Although we firmly believe that an assessment is just one indicator of a student’s knowledge, we do view test-taking as a valuable and practical life skill that will support future success for our students in many ways, from getting accepted into college to passing exams to qualify for many careers.  We encourage parents to help support the development of this skill by ensuring their student gets a good night’s sleep, arrives on time, and has eaten breakfast on testing dates.


Safety    -Reminders

We would like to remind families that our carpool lanes are cell phone-free and idle-free zones.

We would also ask that you exercise caution and please drive slowly during pick-up and drop-off.

It helps carpool to move more quickly if parents pull all the way down to fill empty space in the carpool lane.  Please do not stop in the front of the school to pick-up or drop off, leaving a large space in front of you open.

We would like to remind families to please use the crosswalk to cross from the front of school to the parking stalls (help us set a good example for our students!)

Parents choosing to park in the parking stalls to pick-up or drop-off need to walk with their students to and from the cross walk in front of the school.  Students may not walk unescorted through the parking lot.

We know that it takes a little extra time but we want to thank you in advance for your efforts to keep our students safe.  Here is a link to our carpool tutorial if you would like additional information.

We do practice fire and evacuation drills year-round at MWMA, and because we encourage students to exit the building quickly without stopping for personal items, we do not take time to change from slippers to shoes. For this reason we ask that you provide your child with hard-soled slippers appropriate for cold or wet weather.


Dress Code   -Reminders

We would like to take a moment and remind families of the MWMA dress code.  A few things which have caused questions lately are…

Leggings: Students may wear leggings of any color or design to school, but need to have a skirt (in dress code colors) over them.  Approved colors for bottoms are black, grey, brown, khaki, or navy blue.

Undershirts: Shirts worn under polos need to be white or grey.

Sweaters or sweater vests, as well as cardigans and fleece vests, may be worn in plain solid red or navy blue.

If you have additional dress code questions, you are welcome to review the dress code on our website or contact us.