MWMA Families,


Lost & Found


ATTENTION PARENTS! We have many nice items that have been lost by students and are currently languishing in our Lost & Found. We have set out these items and are taking all the students past them to claim them. However, if you are missing anything specific, PLEASE come and ask Ms. Terra or Ms. Angie to show you all the items. We would much rather return them to students than take them to charity. ITEMS NOT CLAIMED WILL BE GIVEN AWAY NEXT WEEK!


Middle School Fall Dance

Date: November 20, 2015

Time: 2:30-4:00

Cost: Entrance Fee is 3$ (Includes food (cookie and drink), Photo Booth

Dress: Semi-Formal/Sunday Best

Decorations: Donations from students, teachers,etc. Paper Leaves (different colors)

Raffle Prizes


The dance is not a guy ask girl vise versa 

It’s a fun dance to socialize and to have fun


All 6th-9th graders are welcome! 


Astronomy Club

Come have out-of-this-world fun with the Astronomy Club, Tuesday’s from 3:15-4:30.  We will be talking about Planets – what they’re like, our favorites, exploration and travel to Mars and why Pluto got demoted!  We will also be planning our Star Gazing Party.  Join us for snacks, crafts, games and more!



Rockapella is a singing and dancing group that will provide middle school students the opportunity to use their talents, be creative, and improvise! Periodically throughout the school year, the club will be performing a capella arrangements and choir gigs! This club will teach students how to arrange music, different types of choreography, how to sing a capella, and how to work as a team. The club is $7.00 per person and will be held on Mondays from 3:20-4:30 in Ms. Kacee’s classroom. This is a student-led and parent/teacher-sponsored club. For more information, see the fliers posted in the hall or visit the Main Office. Come be a part of Rockapella!

Starts MONDAY November 16th!


Thanksgiving Break

We will not have school Wednesday through Friday, Nov. 25th-27th.


Literacy Night

Our annual Literacy Night this week was a huge success! Students were able to meet a Caldecott contending author, play “Literacy Jeopardy”, listen to excerpts from great books performed by their teachers, read to therapy dogs, and make fun crafts. Every activity supported comprehension, fluency, book knowledge, accuracy, or vocabulary. Thank-you so much to parent volunteers that helped run this event. We are building a community of great readers!


Slippers/Fire Drills

We will continue to practice by having fire drills throughout the year.  As we cannot predict when we may have an emergency that will coincide with poor weather conditions, we highly recommend that elementary students bring hard-soled slippers to wear in the classroom. Middle School students should wear their shoes in the classroom, although they may also wear hard-soled slippers if they prefer.



MWMA is excited to offer our aftercare program.  It is available to students aged kindergarten to 6th grade.

Monday-Thursday   3:15- 5:00 pm

Fridays 1:35-5:00 pm


Program activities include: daily snack, arts and crafts, cooking, outside play, team-building activities, movies, and more.

Monthly Cost- $100

Space is limited- Reserve your spot today!



Check out the school calendar on our website.


Field Trips

Please note that field trip permission forms should be returned BEFORE THE DAY OF THE FIELD TRIP. We cannot honor a permission form that is brought on the morning of the field trip. The reason for this is that chaperone groups, student counts, lunches, attendance, tickets, and transportation has been prearranged for the field trip. Teachers are unable to scramble with last-minute arrangements on the morning of the field trip—this compromises the safety and quality of our off-campus educational experiences. Please be proactive in checking email from your child’s teacher so that you will be aware of upcoming field trips. Additionally, please have your student wear a RED SHIRT on field trip days.


What makes MWMA so different from other schools?  Is it the beautiful classrooms?  The freedom of choice?  The amazing materials?  It is all of those of course, but it is also the community we are creating.  Looking for an opportunity to be a part of that community?  Why not help us out by joining one of our new committees!  Sign up on our website under the Events and Involvement: Help Make Us Great tab.


 A Message from Our 9th Grade Students

Dear Mountain West Montessori Parents,

                Our 9th grade students have organized Dollar Denim Days. You or your student pay a dollar to the front office anytime Monday-Thursday in order to get to wear jeans on the Friday of that week. YOU MAY NOT PAY ON FRIDAY! There are 27 Fridays in the year, but if you pay $25 before August 27, 2015, your student may wear jeans the whole year. YOU WILL SAVE $2.

                The reason our 9th grade students have organized this is for their Travel Seminar or 9th grade project trip. The students are planning, organizing, and preparing their very own trip. Dollar Denim Days is starting off their trip fundraising. This trip is to teach the 9th grade students about cultures, geography, time management, organization, and working together to plan their own trip.

                Thank You for your help and support!


Other Information

Parents may access our School Improvement Plan, Report Card, Parent Rights to Know the professional certifications of their child’s teacher, Parent Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, notes on Title I and Land Trust meetings and other information in the front office.  Information is also available on our website.