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Special Education Teacher

Hi! My name is Wensdae Miller. I’m named for the character Wednesday Addams from the TV show “The Addams Family.” I have been the Elementary Special Education teacher at MWMA since the school first opened. I love to help children discover their own unique gifts, build confidence, and gain academic skills, so they can build happy, productive lives. I have been a Special Education teacher since 2007, and a Special Education assistant for four years before that, always in charter or private schools.

Teaching reading is a passion of mine because reading opens the door to so many other opportunities. I also love to make math concepts understandable for children; creating and adapting materials to illustrate a mathematical principle is lots of fun for me. I’ve realized that many of the materials and activities I had created on my own (before I learned about Montessori) are very similar to Montessori ones! Some of my greatest strengths are creativity and intuition; I can quickly comprehend where a student’s understanding has broken down and find creative ways to fix the misunderstanding.

When I have free time, I enjoy reading, quilting, flower gardening, watching Netflix, and doing arts and crafts. I also enjoy traveling; I have been to Peru, Costa Rica, and many US states. Spoiling my nieces and nephews is another pastime! I love butterflies, elephants, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, board and card games, chocolate, root beer, and bright colors!