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Mathematics Teacher

My name is Olena Yermolova. I was born and lived a large part of my life in the Ukraine. During the time I lived there we were considered part of the Soviet Union; because we were forced to speak Russia--my native language is Russian even though I am Ukrainian-- I also learned to read and understand Ukrainian. (Yes, they are different). I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering and bachelor’s degree in math.

I love teaching math. I love to see that transformation in children’s eyes from fearing math into understanding it. I believe EVERYONE can do it and my students prove it every year to those who have doubts!

Long ago I came to America searching for a better life. I love this country and I am very proud to be an America citizen. I have a great family, they support me in my passion of teaching. This is the country of opportunity and my dream of being a math teacher came true. I honestly believe I have now the best job ever!

Someone said: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a whole team of teachers to make a student successful. I love teaching at Mountain West Montessori Academy. I love the Montessori Philosophy and it feels great to be part of the Montessori family.

In my spare time I love reading. Of course, if the books are in Russian – I read it ten times faster, than in English. I also love swimming, bowling, golfing and target shooting.