My name is Amy Pilkington and I am delighted at the opportunity to be the Principal of Mountain West Montessori Academy.  I believe that there is no nobler calling than influencing the lives of others through education, and I am passionate about creating engaging learning environments where all students can develop into successful lifelong learners.

I am particularly excited to be a part of a Montessori School; I love the hands on philosophy and the role that choice plays in the learning environment.  I am also excited to have so many wonderful people to take this journey with.

I am a committed lifelong learner and avid devourer of books.  Learning new things and curiosity about the world around me is something that I feel very passionate about.  I am thrilled by the way technology has brought us so many new ways to learn and communicate. I earned a duel Bachelors of Science in English and History Teaching from Utah State University and later went on to earn my Masters in Education Leadership and Administration. As any true lifelong learner, I am eagerly looking forward to the time when I can go back to school and earn my doctorate.

My path to the education field has been an unconventional one. I began working with students in residential treatment centers more than a decade ago and fell in love with the challenges of helping at-risk youth make positive growth in their lives. Working with these students has taught me an immense amount about human nature and challenged me to become a better educator. I taught English and History for six years before becoming an administrator at the school.  Before accepting the position at Mountain West Montessori Academy I was an Assistant Principal at Hawthorn Academy.  I enjoyed being a part of a “charter school family” and look forward to doing so again at Mountain West Montessori Academy.

I live with my family in Woods Cross, a small city in Davis County. In my free time I enjoy traveling the world with my husband (so far our visit to Istanbul has been my favorite). As mentioned earlier I love reading and learning new things, and I seem to always be taking a class to learn more about something.  I also delight in time spent with my family and creating things.

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Curriculum Director

Hello, I’m Angie Johnson, Curriculum Director for MWMA. I am from Texas, where I spent high school watching John Hughes movies, listening to Aerosmith, and playing piccolo in the marching band. (This was also the height of my knowledge, as I knew everything then.) I also spent a large part of every summer re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy while sucking on Jolly Rancher fire sticks and chewy Sweet-tarts. Sadly, this is still my idea of a very good time.

I have lived in South Jordan with my husband and three children since 1997. Although my undergraduate work was in Microbiology, it was my master’s degree in Mathematics Education, as well as my Montessori training, that inspired me to dive into writing Mountain West Montessori Academy’s charter and serve as the first President of the Board of Directors. I see the school as an opportunity to create a community which nurtures the love of learning. I want students to retain their intellectual curiosity for the world around them, have strong adult mentors (especially in a smaller Middle School setting), and use hands-on materials for learning. I am passionate about my involvement in providing individualized Montessori education in a tuition-free setting to the children of this community.


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